Busy Day: Do This 10 Minute Upper Body Weight Loss Workout


Once in a while, we all come across days when we are literally running from pillar to post and hardly have time to breath if you know what I mean. And with all the running around, workouts take a backseat.

I guess, we all agree with the phrase, “Something is better than Nothing.” And this 10 Minute Upper Body Weight Loss Workout is definitely better than no workout at all.

I specifically designed this 10 Minute Upper Body Weight Loss Workout for days when you are extremely busy and would have otherwise skipped your workout. You can do these workouts anywhere, all you need is one small corner and a Resistance Tube.

So here goes the 10 Minute Upper Body Weight Loss Workout:

A1) Tube Rowing – 12 Reps

A2) Bodyweight Pushup – 10 Reps

A3) Tube Overhead Presses – 8 Reps

A4) Tube Curls – 10 Reps

A5) Tube Triceps Extension – 10 Reps

It’s a circuit workout, this means you do A1 to A5 without any break. Repeat this circuit 3 times with 2 minutes break between each circuit. Always ensure you warmup before your workout and cool down post workout.

If you enjoyed this workout, drop me a comment and let me know 🙂

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