5 Best Upper Body Weight Loss Exercises!


5 Best Upper Body Exercises to Lose Weight

I get this question often – Which is the best upper body exercise to lose weight?
Although, exercise is an important factor when it comes to losing weight.. there are other factors like nutrition, genetics and emotional patterns that play an important role too.
But in this article, I’m going to list the top 5 upper body exercises that must be a part of your workout program if you want to Accelerate Your Weight Loss!
I selected these exercises based on the following criteria:
1) Compound Movements: You should pick compound movements over isolation movements. Compound movements cause greater micro trauma for the same time and effort when compared to isolation movements and hence burn more fat.
2) Large Muscle Group: You should pick exercises that attack a larger muscle group than small muscle groups. For example, if I was time crunched, I would rather workout my Back, Chest and Shoulder than doing Isolation movements for smaller muscle groups like Biceps and Tricpes.
When you select compound movements and focus on larger muscle groups, you will end up with more after burn effect and thus in turn a greater caloric burning effect and more fat loss.
So, now that you know my criteria for exercise selection, let’s jump straight to the list:
1) Dumbbell rowing: And the award goes to… Dumbbell rowing. Dumbbell rowing is undoubtedly one of the best upper body exercise not just from a standpoint of weight loss but in general too. You cannot – not have this exercise as a part of your upper body workout unless you have specific mobility or joint issues that stop you from doing it.
2) Pull ups: Another really effective exercise when it comes to weight loss in particular that must be a part of your workout program. If you haven’t done this before, it might take you a while to even do one pull up. It’s all about doing it regularly and in no time, you will be cranking a good set of 5 to 10 pull ups or even more depending on your strength, program and progression.
3) Dumbbell Chest Press: Dumbbell Chest Press is another compound movement that should be a part of any weight loss workout program. If you are working out at home and don’t have a bench, go for floor presses.
4) Push Up: Push up is an exercise that you can do anywhere. If you are a newbie, you might not be able to do full push ups depending on your strength. If that’s the case, begin with Kneeling Push up or Wall Push up. But you cannot miss out on Push ups from your weight loss or Upper body workout program, at least not if you are working out at home with limited equipment.
5) Shoulder Standing Presses: Last but definitely not the least, Standing Shoulder Presses should be a part of your upper body and weight loss workout program. Again, this exercise makes it to the top 5 list because it meets the 2 criteria of exercise selection.
So, here is your list of the 5 Best Upper Body Weight Loss Exercises. If you are time crunched, all you need to focus on are these 5 exercises. Even if you are not time crunched, you cannot not have these exercises in your upper body workout program if you want to Lose Weight – Fast!
Disclaimer: If you have any mobility/joint issues, please consult a physician before including these exercises in your workouts or drop me an email at – info@fitnesswithkaran.com to check if you can and cannot do this exercise.

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