4 Best Weight Loss Tips And Strategies For 2015!


Do you know that to successfully Lose Weight and Stay Lean, all you need to do is follow 14 Simple Weight Loss Tips & Strategies?

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 out of the 14 Weight Loss Tips And Strategies to help you Stay Lean in 2015 and beyond!

Now I did not come up with these Tips and Strategies just randomly out of the Blue. I’ve spent almost a decade training and helping people achieve their Fitness goals. And in the last 10 years of training people, I have realized that if you follow all or most of these 14 Simple Tips & Strategies – you will successfully lose weight and keep it off.

I’m not going to give you the old obvious stuff like Eat less or Exercise More that you can find on 10,000 different sites on the Internet. That’s all obvious, right? You are SMART enough to know that. In this article, I want to go a step further beyond what to eat and which exercises to do. I want to talk about something that really makes Change and Transformation Possible!

So are you ready to discover what these 5 Weight Loss Tips & Strategies are? Great, then let’s jump straight to it!

Weight Loss Tip & Strategy #1: Number & Time:

Well, if you are wondering, what’s number and time got to do with losing weight, think again! I see just way too many people join the gym, start a new workout program or go run in the park without any goal.

Weight Loss Strategy

You see, not knowing how much weight do you want to lose in what time frame and just exercising is like driving a car without really knowing your destination. If you don’t know the destination, will you ever reach one? No, right? So, you will just keep driving and in this case, you will keep running or working out and eventually give up.

If you know your destination, you would know that you are just 15 km or 50 km or whatever km away and you will keep pushing hard. But not where you are heading to will eventually disappoint you and force you to give you. So, NEVER start any program or anything in life without a Goal! Decide how much weight you want to lose and in what time frame. Read it everyday and you will automatically start moving towards it.

Weight Loss Tip & Strategy #2: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunity:

Now that you have a Goal. Now that you know how much weight you want to lose by when, it’s time to pre-plan for all the obstacles that might take you away from your goal.

Weight Loss Tip

Let me give you a different analogy to explain what I mean. Before a Plane takes-off, the pilot and the co-pilot go through a series of checklists. Why is it a compulsion for them to go through the checklist? To resolve any issues while they are still at the airport, right? It could be disastrous if they skip going through the checklist! They do it before they takeoff every single time.

Just like that before you start working towards your weight loss goals, it’s important that you pre-plan for any obstacle that might take you take you away from your weight loss goals.

These obstacles could be in any form: Maybe, you have a travel plan coming up in the next month for work. How can you pre-plan for it now so that when you travel, you still ensure you are on track with your weight loss goals.

Maybe, you have a wedding coming up next month in your family, what can you do to avoid eating all the deserts and make sure no one takes it the wrong way? Pre-plan, talk to your family and tell them that this is important to you and turn them into your supporter.

It’s all about Pre-planning and turning any obstacles in your path into opportunities!

Remember, there is always a way only if you want to bad enough!

Going back to the analogy of a road trip. Before we begin the journey, is it not wise to check if the car has a spare tyre? Just in case, right?Or enough fuel? Or if the car is serviced, and the roads are great? And so much more, just in case we end up in an ugly situation.

A lot of times, members in your family may not be happy about your decision to diet or your freinds may pressurize you to eat with them.


Weight Loss Tip & Strategy #3: Track & Tweak:

So, once you begin with your weight loss program, you should always keep a track of everything that you do and how your body is reacting to it.

Weight Loss Tip

Keep a track of everything you eat, the exercises you do and how much weight you are losing each week. Take pictures and measurements and record the weight each week.

Tracking everything you do and the corresponding results will help you reach your goals.

Again, going back to driving the car analogy. If you leave for the destination but are not tracking where you are and how far do you need to travel, how much fuel do you have left – Do you think you will ever reach your destination? No, right? Your car will stop somewhere in the middle as soon as you run out of fuel and you will be frustrated and would want to head back home.

This is exactly why so many people give up on their weight loss journey. They don’t keep a track of what they eat, how is their body changing with respect to what they are doing. They feel frustrated seeing no results and eventually give up.

But when you track everything you do, you realize that maybe, I’m not having enough protein or enough veggies in your diet. You will immediately make that change, course-correct and keep moving forward towards your goal.

This is what I call Track & Tweak approach for success. But if you don’t track, you are just driving in the dark.

A lot of times, a certain exercise program may not work for you or a certain diet may not be the best for your body-type. If you track everything, and see no change for a week or 10 days, you can go back to your dietician or trainer and tweak your diet or workout program. You can tell them this is what I did and I don’t see any change.

But if you don’t track and tweak, you will eventually give up when the fuel in your fuel tank runs out.

Weight Loss Tip & Strategy #4: Celebrate Small Victories:

Another reason why most people give up on their weight loss goals is because they want Instant Results!

Weight Loss Tip

We live in the times of 2 minute noodles, but losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams takes work, dedication, commitment and much more than 2 minutes 🙂

But you know what, in the end.. it is so worth the time and energy you put into it.

Once you being with a weight loss program and start tracking everything – take the time to Celebrate Small Victories.

Look at your journal, you maybe 84 kg last week and you are 83 kg this week. You are 1 step closer to your dream. Instead of saying, I just lost 1 kg.. Celebrate the fact that you lost 1 kg and you are moving towards the body of your dreams.

Celebrate every small victory.. Do you feel more energetic this week than last week? Were you able to walk for longer without getting tired? Did you fit into one of your old clothes? Celebrate whatever it is you achieved this week!

Focus on the small improvements you make each week and in no time you will have the body of your dreams.

Focus on what you don’t have and you will continue on that path.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to lose weight and keep it off in 2015 and beyond. Set a goal, pre-plan for all the obstacles that might take you away from your goal, track everything and tweak as necessary and celebrate small victories. If you just do these things, you will have the body of your dreams.

I hope you loved reading about the 5 out of my 14 Weight Loss Tips and Strategies. If you are interested in getting all the 14 Weight Loss Tips & Strategies for FREE, please check here and grab a free copy.


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