“ I will Lose Weight This year for SURE”


Is one thing you tell yourself every New Year’s Eve! Isn’t it?

Don’t you want to achieve that perfect body you have been wanting for years? The one you promise yourself every New Year?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t want to lose weight and fit into those clothes?

Anthony Robbins says, “Nothing Tastes as Good as Looking Good Feels.  And I am sure you agree with this.

So did one of my extremely motivated clients! Being a Weight Loss Expert and Health Nutritionist I help a number of clients achieve their weight loss goals!

One such motivated client was Rhea who weighed 82 kg.

Her New Year’s Resolution was to lose 30 Kg. She obviously knew this couldn’t happen overnight but she did not give up. Rhea’s motivated actions helped her achieve her weight loss goal and feel like a brand new person!

Here are the simple tips she used to lose those extra kilos and stick to her new year’s resolution.

STEP 1: “Adams Ale!”


Start the day with at least two glasses of water, and let your daily intake be more than 3-4 liters/day!

One of the best ways Rhea used to kick-start her metabolism early in the morning was by drinking at least two glasses of water on an empty stomach. Drinking water helps detoxify the body, and keeps you full without consuming any high calories, which eventually helps you lose those extra pounds.

STEP 2: “Lettuce Turnip the Beet!”


Add at least three to four servings of vegetables in your diet!

The next step that really helped Rhea was the inclusion of three to four servings of greens in her diet. Vegetables contain certain nutrients that crank up your metabolism, efficiently converting food into energy ! Green leafy vegetables are a great source of fiber and they refresh your body with innumerous nutrients. The high fiber content in these veggies made her feel full for a longer period of time, curbed her appetite and eventually helped her lose weight.

STEP 3: “Get Lean with Protein!”


Include at least 2 servings of first-class high quality protein!

Proteins as we know are the building blocks of your body. Being a non-vegetarian Rhea loved meat. And she made sure she at least had two serving of lean meat everyday! By doing this her body, not only became stronger but also recovered quickly from any injury or daily fatigue. Food containing protein takes longer to digest, which ends up burning more calories and keeps us feeling fuller longer.

Sources of high quality of protein for vegetarian include milk, cottage cheese, curd, nuts, or protein shakes.

For non-vegetarians there are many sources like eggs, lean meat like chicken, turkey, or fish.

STEP 4: “Ditch the Danish!”


Go on a sugar purge diet!

Rhea realized the one reason she was not being able to lose weight or stick to a diet was sugar! So she decided to ditch all the sugar in her diet!

It’s likely that you are roped in by a sugar addiction without being aware of it. Do not have them at home staring at you in the face instead get rid of sugary beverages like soft drinks, sweetened waters, coffee drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks etc.

Eliminating sugar from the diet will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster, increase your metabolism and stabilize your hormones.

STEP 5: “Drop it like a squat!”


Workout or exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday!

There’s no getting around the fact that exercise helps towards a slimmer you.

So Rhea decided to go for a walk, give the car a scrub or do functional exercises whatever got her blood pumping.

Everyday workouts will help you turn up the heat on your metabolism and your calorie burning process, which will help you lose weight!

Get firm, get slim by stocking your pantry with the right kind of food, and keeping your weight off with a daily dose of exercise.
So this New Year’s don’t wait to lose weight!


About Author

Mahak Agarwal is our expert nutritionist and the newest addition to the enthusiastic, hardworking team at FitnessWithKaran. She started her career with Columbia Asia where she worked for 2 years as a nutritionist, after which she invested 3 years into catering a number of fitness clients and working as a consultant at numerous health clinics. With her charming persona and flawless expertise in the field of nutrition, Mahak has managed to turn our office into a healthy zone. Our proficient nutritionist likes to travel and try new restaurants. She is a voracious reader and finds solace in reading mystery fiction by David Baldacci and Dan Brown. Mahak has a B.SE in Food and Nutrition and a Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics.

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