Weight Loss Recipe: High Protein Coffee Anyone?


I love Coffee. Actually, if there is one thing that I think of that I’m addicted to – would be Coffee! On my cheat days, I treat myself with at least 3 – 4 cups of Coffee. But otherwise, I restrict myself to just one or max two a day.

The Coffee and Weight Loss Problem:

If you are trying to lose weight, drinking a lot of Coffee is bad for 2 reasons:

1) You unknowingly consume a lot of Sugar in Coffee, quickly shooting up your total calories and Sugar intake

2) Coffee too will contribute to your total Carb intake. And if you are on a restricted Carbs diet, this could be a big issue.

I keep experimenting to make food taste as delicious as possible. Nah, I’m not talking about Pizza and Pasta, I’m talking about how to make Salads, Greens, Protein, etc taste delicious. And if you are a Coffee lover, you will love my Protein Coffee Weight Loss Recipe.

Protein Coffee Weight Loss Recipe:

Well, this is not actually a recipe per se. This is just how I innovatively keep my Coffee pangs fulfilled and in the quest, get about 20g of Protein.

If you are on a Weight Loss Diet, you should definitely give this a shot.

The 3 Minute Process:

1) Add a cup of slim milk to the mixer

2) Add one scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder

3) Add 1 tb.spoon of Coffee Powder

4) Add Ice Cubes

Mix it for 1 minute and your super-amazing Cold Chocolate Protein Coffee Shake is ready.

It tastes Yummy! But again, the taste would largely depend on the protein powder you select. Use the one you like the most. I generally prefer – Rocky Road from Optimum Nutrition.

You don’t need to add any sugar. So you don’t ingest unwanted additional calories from Sugar and hamper your weight loss.

The Extreme Edition:

I go a step further and add Flaxseeds into this shake. It might just ruin the taste, I love it though. Give it a shot. This is the Extreme edition of this shake and guess what, it is well worth the good fats and fibre you get!

Drop me a comment below on what you think about this awesome shake.



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