Unsuccessful In Losing that fat for that special day? Day Tight Compartments Could Be Your Answer


Have you been unsuccessful in the past in losing fat? Not once or twice but several times? Well, that’s not something new. Two of the most essential factors inhibiting us from reaching our goals are anxiety and worry. Anxiety and worry result from consciously thinking too much about our future and results. And this is what happens to a lot of people trying to lose fat. More often than not, the common motivation to lose fat is a special event in our life. A lot of people want to be in their best shape on their graduation day, or on their wedding. Some want to look good in a bikini when they hit the beach during the next vacation while some others want to be in top shape for a family get-together due next month. While these events or special occasions work as a great starting point, a lot of fat loss journeys on these paths start with one major flaw, unrealistic deadline. The time that people usually give themselves to lose that fat for that special day is too short. Then they think of doing everything at once. This makes them really anxious and often they end up eating things that will only take them away from their fat loss goals. If you are someone who followed this path in the past, you should start living in ‘Day Tight Compartments.’ Dr. William Osler came up with this concept and said that this was the sole reason for his happiness and success in life. The whole idea of the day tight compartment is to live your today as best as you can. And this idea could be easily manifested to your fat loss goals. All you have to do is to say to yourself: “I’m going to eat and train today in the best possible way to march closer towards my goals”. You free yourself of all the anxiety and worry and only focus on what best you can do now in the present. And these small daily actions combined over a period of time will help you achieve your fat loss goals. It’s a very simple principle that you can use: Don’t try to stop eating your favorite food forever, merely say, I’ll not eat my favorite food today. Even the folks at Alcoholics Anonymous have been successfully using this principle. It’s your turn now. Get started. It ain’t difficult. In the next post, I’m going to tell you how I swore by this principle and gradually saw myself transform from a skinny guy into a muscular guy. I have a way to go to meet my target, but I’m not anxious today. All I focus on is this principle: “I will eat and train today in the best possible way to march closer towards my muscle building goals”. On that note, I’m off to hit the gym. How about you?


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Karan Dharamsi is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Writer, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and the CEO of this company. He loves helping people transform their body and in the process transform their life. He's done dozens of Certifications, but he firmly believes that Certifications only give Fitness Professionals a frame-work to build up on but the education must continue above and beyond any certifications. Pro HRV Certified Trainer (India’s First and Only Certified HRV Trainer). CSCS, US (Ongoing) || FMS (Ongoing) Certified Turbulence Trainer – Canada, Fat Loss Specilization Certification. PN Level 1 Coach, Canada (Ongoing) || RBT Certified, US CPT, K11, India || CPT, ACT, US || SNC, K11, India

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