Skinny Guy – Muscle Gain Mistake #1: Underfeeding


Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

The number one mistake that most skinny guys make while they’re trying to gain muscles is underfeeding their bodies.

Let me elaborate.

I have often seen a lot of skinny guys trying to gain muscle by training hours in the gym but still end up looking the same after months and years of training. And the number one mistake that these guys make is underfeeding themselves, that is, they do not pay attention to their nutrition.

Nutrition: What’s that?

Gaining muscle is far more difficult than losing fat. If you are a skinny guy trying to add muscles to your frame, the number one mistake that you should avoid is not taking your nutrition seriously.Muscle-gain

If you are not consuming enough calories and nutrients to support muscle growth, you might end up becoming even more skinny.

It is impossible to gain muscles if you’re not consuming enough calories and nutrients to promote an anabolic environment for muscle growth. If you are training intensely but see no muscle growth one of the key factors for this lag is your nutrition.

The first thing you should do is go back to the table and check if you’re having enough carbs, fats and protein.

What, when and how much to eat is a huge topic in itself and will be covered in another post.

The whole idea of this post is to make you aware of the fact that nutrition is one of the key factors if you are looking to pile on muscles.

The take home point is:

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

Time to eat!!!

Time to grow…..







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