My Daily Workout/Diet Journal – August 4th, 2014


I’ll be posting my workout/diet regularly.

I just got done with a 40 day training protocol.

The whole idea of the protocol was to learn how to contract the muscles fully through its complete range of motion. My entire focus was on re-learning the movement patterns correctly and not really go after heavy loads. It was tough to train with smaller dumbbells, but at the end of it all, I enjoyed the 40 day phase.

I started at 64.5 kg and by the time I was done with the 40 day phase, I was 68 kg.

I did not really focus on eating clean. I ate a lot of carbs and my protein intake was roughly 60 – 80 gm a day.

Although, I wasn’t really going after heavy loads, this 40 day phase was intense and I plan to start with a recovery phase from tomorrow.

I’ll be posting my diet and my workouts starting tomorrow along with my measurements.

This should be fun!


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