Live guilt free and achieve the body of your dream – A Simple Approach!


I wish I had known this simple approach earlier. I could have achieved so much more early in life! But better late than never!

The simple approach that I’m talking about is something that I learned from my mentor. This was way before I joined the fitness industry. I was mere 44kgs and I was guilty of not doing enough to change the way I looked. I wanted to add muscles to my frame and look big. But I did not know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work. I had to eat 5 meals and workout 4 days a week, which was overwhelming for someone like me who had never stepped into a gym and who hardly, ate 2 small meals to get through the day.

I spoke with my coach about it back then and told him that the thought of eating 5 meals scares me and I don’t know how I will live up to it for weeks to come. To this he said something that changed my life forever. He said, “Are you doing the best you can, now? Don’t think about the next hour, not even the next minute, just think about what you are doing now. Is your action now helping you move closer to your goals?”

I thought about what he said the whole night, and it eventually translated into one of the rules I live by. I used his simple approach and weighed 65.3Kgs to be precise in the next 4 months. I was successful in gaining weight thanks to this simple approach. It changed my mindset and the way I approached life forever.

I’ve adopted this simple principle to help me achieve greater success in my financial, business, health and fitness goals.For example, even today, I just focus on one meal at a time. All I think about is: is this meal helping me get closer to my fitness goals. I don’t think and get overwhelmed about the meals that I’ve to eat tomorrow or throughout the entire week. I just focus on doing my best now.

If you have been unsuccessful in sticking to your meals or exercising in general and feel guilty about it,this simple approach can help you achieve your goals and live a guilt free life.


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Karan Dharamsi is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Writer, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and the CEO of this company. He loves helping people transform their body and in the process transform their life. He's done dozens of Certifications, but he firmly believes that Certifications only give Fitness Professionals a frame-work to build up on but the education must continue above and beyond any certifications. Pro HRV Certified Trainer (India’s First and Only Certified HRV Trainer). CSCS, US (Ongoing) || FMS (Ongoing) Certified Turbulence Trainer – Canada, Fat Loss Specilization Certification. PN Level 1 Coach, Canada (Ongoing) || RBT Certified, US CPT, K11, India || CPT, ACT, US || SNC, K11, India

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