Journaling My Entire Journey from Being Scrawny to Brawny


I feel one of the best ways to stay committed to any goal in your life is by writing it down. I want to Journal my entire journey from being  scrawny to brawny. There are two reasons for creating this journal.

1.Maintaining the journal helps you see what you’ve evolved from and the amount of progress you’ve made. It acts as a constant motivator that prods me to do better. It is also scientifically proven that if you write down a goal, the chances of you meeting your goal are higher.

2. Another important reason for creating this journal is to motivate and inspire everyone who visits my site. A lot of people think that body transformation is only for a select few extraordinary human beings. When you read this journal, I want you to know that if someone like me can do it, you can do it too.

One Habit at a Time

This is my first journal entry, although, I am almost 15 days through this program. I am working on one habit at a time principle. It’s a PN principle. For the first month my target is to:

A) Incorporate having three super shakes a day and

B) Do postural correction exercises twice a day.

For the first 15 days my entire focus has been to make sure I have three super shakes a day. Now that I’m through the first 15 days and having three super shakes has almost become like a daily ritual, I will move to the next habit which is to do the postural correction exercises twice a day.

It is scientifically proven that if you do any particular thing for at least 15 days it eventually becomes a habit. This is what my entire journey from being  scrawny to brawny will be all about. This is what I learned from my coach at PN and trust me this works wonderfully well. Need an example? Here it is: I weighed 58 kilos when I started off. And 15 days down the line, I am 60 kilos.

During all my previous gaining cycles, I had a sad tendency to gain fat. Why? Being an ectomorph, I used to go crazy on carbs. This time around I’m not doing the usual bulking and cutting cycle. My plan is to be lean and still gain muscles in the next one year.

Signing off for today. Will keep you updated about my progress.

Please feel free to drop me a message if you need my help in your transformation.


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Karan Dharamsi is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Writer, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and the CEO of this company. He loves helping people transform their body and in the process transform their life. He's done dozens of Certifications, but he firmly believes that Certifications only give Fitness Professionals a frame-work to build up on but the education must continue above and beyond any certifications. Pro HRV Certified Trainer (India’s First and Only Certified HRV Trainer). CSCS, US (Ongoing) || FMS (Ongoing) Certified Turbulence Trainer – Canada, Fat Loss Specilization Certification. PN Level 1 Coach, Canada (Ongoing) || RBT Certified, US CPT, K11, India || CPT, ACT, US || SNC, K11, India

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