The Craziest Weight Loss Experiment In 2014: Don’t Do This!


Crazy Weight Loss Crash Diets are really mainstream in November and December.

I’ve seen people follow all sorts of crazy diets in a quest to lose as much as 25 kg in as little as 30 days to fit into their clothes on the New Year’s eve.

Taking a cue from that I did a self experiment to see the damage the crazy dieting and hours of unplanned workouts could cause.

Before the start of this crazy experiment, I was off workouts for about 5 weeks. I hadn’t exercised for about 5 weeks and I was not on any particular diet. I ate what I felt like, mostly a lot of carbs. So I had gained a couple of inches around my waistline and this was a perfect scenario to give the crazy diet and at least 2 hour a day exercise program a try.

After about 2 weeks of being on crazy low calories and over-training, I knew my immunity was low. I refrained from adding any micro-nutrient supplementation especially vitamin C since I wanted to mimic the crazy diet that most people follow to the ‘T’.

Unfortunately for me, at the time I was doing this crazy experiment, Malaria was on an all time high.

I ended up with high Fever (last time I remember going down with fever was about 7 years back) . And to make it worst, I ended up in the hospital because my fever wouldn’t go down

And I realized, what a stupid decision it was.

There were a couple of mistakes that I made and could have avoided. But my quest was to mimic almost everything that most people would do. So it had to be the way it was.

My Diet:

I drastically cut my calories to less about 800. I was consuming a little over 2200 calories before this, and now I was on a roughly 800 calorie diet.

Most of my calories came from Protein and Fats. My carb intake was less than 50 grams a day.

Another factor to note: I’m a coffee addict and before getting started with this diet, I was on at least 8-9 cups of coffee a day which I dropped to zero. So I was going through withdrawal symptoms during these 2 weeks which made things even more difficult.

My Workouts:

From not exercising at all to a 6 day a week weight training routine accompanied by cardio/intervals on every alternate day, I was doing a lot of high volume work and on some days, I would workout twice a day.

Thanks to the calorie deficit state, I hated my workouts and had to drag myself to the gym. My energy levels were low throughout the day, which was not surprising since my body was still adapting to using fats as the energy source and the last time I checked, the keto strip still did not turn purple.

The intensity in my workouts dropped each day and I missed cardio on most days. This crazy diet and workout protocol affected me outside the gym. I was irritated by the smallest of things and it wasn’t a great state in general to be in.

I wasn’t expecting this:

I realized I had taken this experiment a little too far when I had developed high fever at the end of the second week. I was feeling really tired and weak and when I actually checked the temperature, it read 104.

As soon as I saw that, I ran to the hospital. I went to the hospital at 4am in the morning. The doc in the emergency injected me, I felt fine immediately. I went back home and woke up at about 11am. When I checked again, I still had high fever – 104 again.

I popped in a couple of pills, but the temperature won’t come down. I was feeling too weak, I went back to the hospital and the doc their asked me to get admitted for observation.

The docs ran a boatload of tests and I had to stay back for a few days for my fever to subside. Fortunately, it was just one of the random viral fever and not Dengue or Malaria as the doc initially suspected.

2015: My big takeaway from this Crazy Weight Loss Experiment:

I did not end up with high fever because of the diet but it had a major role. If it was well planned, if I had my micros taken care off, if my workouts were progressive, my immunity wouldn’t be so low. And I would have been fine.

Never follow crazy, short-term weight loss diets unless you know what you are really doing. These diets will screw up your metabolism and immunity.

Planning and Preparation is important when it comes to your weight loss goals. Without a proper plan, you are inviting a lot of trouble.

I did this experiment to point out the potential flaws of crazy weight loss dieting. I ended up paying a pretty decent price. Although, for most it wouldn’t end up so bad, it could also be worse, because most don’t go on a low calorie diet with enough protein. Most people go on a  low calorie diets with hardly any protein.

If you want to be in a better shape in a relatively short period of time, go to a fitness professional, get a proper workout program and a diet plan. Make a lot of notes of how you feel and about your progress, talk to your fitness professional and do it the right way!


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