Body and Self-Image: A Connection towards a Better Life!


I recently read a book that talked about how people with scar marks on their face or big nose or disfigured ears had problems with their self-image. These people were unhappy with how they looked which led to low self-esteem and they lacked confidence in general.

I would like to extend this further and say that a lot of people who do not have the body of their dreams also have issues with their self-image. I would not generalize it and say that everyone who is not in the best shape has low self-esteem or lacks confidence, but a good majority of people do.

Body and Self Confidence

If you are someone who lacks confidence and is unhappy about how your body looks, take action now (TAN). SIMPLE! TAN. I know it’s easier said than done. There’s a new research which says that when a person starts a new workout and nutrition program, they improve their self-image irrespective of the results. They have a goal in mind and they feel good working towards it using the new tools (workout and nutrition program). Isn’t that a great enough reason to start working on your body?

I’ll give you one more. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine you in your dream body with those 6 pack abs or a flat tummy, whatever it is. How would you feel if you looked the way you always wanted to? Will it help you be a more confident, more outgoing person? If yes, then do not wait any further. Start working out and eating right now! Take Action Now!




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Karan Dharamsi is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Writer, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and the CEO of this company. He loves helping people transform their body and in the process transform their life. He's done dozens of Certifications, but he firmly believes that Certifications only give Fitness Professionals a frame-work to build up on but the education must continue above and beyond any certifications. Pro HRV Certified Trainer (India’s First and Only Certified HRV Trainer). CSCS, US (Ongoing) || FMS (Ongoing) Certified Turbulence Trainer – Canada, Fat Loss Specilization Certification. PN Level 1 Coach, Canada (Ongoing) || RBT Certified, US CPT, K11, India || CPT, ACT, US || SNC, K11, India

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